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Hate Job Blog!

Welcome to the original HateJobBlog.Com. If you are confused about what you want to do for a living, maybe I can help you find a job you will love. I spent a whole career not liking what I did for a living. I’m living proof it’s  Continue reading “Hate Job Blog!”

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What are the best work from home jobs?

Many may not know exactly what they could do working from home to make money. But, what are work from home jobs? There are many ideas for self employment and working from home, but you have to be Continue reading “What are the best work from home jobs?”

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Scholastic Aptitude Test: Your ‘make or break’ for college entrance

Most students take the scholastic aptitude test at least once in their lifetime, but is most often taken in High School. Many, do not wish to repeat that same test taking experience, ever again.

It is a long, tedious, and exhaustive (thorough) test. But, there are shortcuts to taking the SAT.

One strategy is to Continue reading “Scholastic Aptitude Test: Your ‘make or break’ for college entrance”

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Do what you Love

You have heard of ‘do what you love and love what you do? You must have some idea what you’d love doing for a living? Maybe, maybe not. But, if you found a job like that, it probably wouldn’t feel like working.

Yet, if financial security is the number one priority in your job hunting future, then unfortunately, you probably won’t Continue reading “Do what you Love”