I hate my job, hate job blog

I Hate My Job!

And, then it hit me. I realized I hated my job! But, then I already knew that. OK. Now, what? No one else had to tell me I couldn’t stand what I was doing for a living! Yet, I stayed in it until I retired. I told myself I would retire at 55 as soon as I had enough years in my pension. And, I did exactly that! But, it sure would’ve been better to be in a job I loved.

Before I joined the plumber’s union I was self employed. When I got my first divorce I didn’t care about being in business anymore. I figured I would make the most money I could working for someone. And, I figured that would have to be going union.

Self Employed Syndrome

When you work for yourself, you don’t have anyone breathing down your neck telling you what to do or to hurry up. I especially didn’t like that! But, you do have to be self motivated. You just can’t sit there and expect all the business to come your way! You must become pro active!

So, I was stuck in the middle. I didn’t like working for someone, but I didn’t want to go back into business for myself! I had too many years vested in the union by that time, so I stuck with what I hated for almost forty years.

You can’t cut and run

Most of us have financial obligations, like kids to raise. So, starting out in something new at the bottom of the pay scale isn’t a viable option. You have mouths to feed and bills to pay on time. You have to bring in a certain amount of income. You are strapped down.

On average, people change careers three to five times in their working years. As a plumber, I made good money and benefits, but hated getting up in the morning showing up in that kind of job culture.

In other words, I didn’t have anything in common those on the job. Even their jokes weren’t funny. I realize now I should’ve stayed in business for myself doing service and repair. I would’ve done just fine like I always did on my own. But, for me, that was a choice between something bad or worse. It wasn’t a job I loved even being a licensed plumbing contractor.

The job has to be you, not the other way around

Feeling comfortable in your job’s culture is essential. The environment has to be who you are as a person. I like what I am doing here, but I have a retirement income to back me up. Together with my wife, we have enough money to live on. So, writing is OK no matter how much money I make or don’t. This is a lot more me than working with the tools of my trade.

In the beginning of my retirement I started websites I have since closed down, but have written for various online article websites, published three ‘how to’ books, one poem book and a novel named “Meet Duff” all currently for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I write poetry on my poem website PoetryMadness.Com.  and also have a weight loss site I call WeightLossBlogger.Com.

Almost everything I’ve learned I have written about whether online or in a book in publication. In the past I’ve been in real estate, furniture stripping, plumbing contracting, the plumber’s union, a welder and in the storage auction business (which I also ‘of course’ wrote another book about!)

I am no longer a job hater

I no longer hate my job. I like what I do. I can’t say I love it, but I do at least ‘like’ it. How did it happen for me? It was an unfoldment or evolvement. One thing lead to another, and now I am doing this. But, I can do this because I am retired. I have another income stream, thank god. So, I can do this for no other reason than I like doing it.

We all can eventually find something we love doing that we have an interest and ability to do, if we persevere. It may take some time, so we need to be patient. Assessments can help, but they can never know more about you more than you. You are always the final judge of you, who you are and who you aspire to be. It pays to ‘know thyself’.


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