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Interest Inventory

An Interest Inventory such as the Strong® could be a very useful tool for you to plan for a career you will love doing. This assessment test is based upon Holland’s theory with six themes (RIASEC) which is on a hexagon. The terms are self explanatory.

The test takes approximately a half-hour. Your interests are then compared with the interests of people successfully employed (Happy) within their occupations.

You can see below and guess which one is more you than some of the others. Although, we are probably a mixture with one theme representing our strongest trait.

  • Artistic
  • Conventional
  • Enterprising
  • Investigative
  • Realistic
  • Social

An interest inventory such as this one can be useful for high school students as well as those in midlife searching for their second careers.

The Strong Test was originally made to help people find jobs that fit them after discharge from the armed services…

People enjoy careers where they can put their stronger skills and abilities they like using to work everyday. Working is more enjoyable when you work with others who share similar attitudes and values. You want to match your preferred interests and passions to a career or you likely won’t enjoy doing it for long.

Taking both the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator should be sufficient to pick a work environment and career that fits your personality type you’ll love for the rest of your working years. I have taken both of these in the past and they tell many useful things about you that you might have forgotten. These tests validate what you already know about you.

The Strong Interest Inventory test is similar to the Holland Codes Self Directed Search that uses basically the same six personality typology. There are also career assessment tests which take your interests and abilities into account, when matching you to compatible career choices. Another excellent career interest inventory test is the 24 question Princeton Review which takes about five minutes to complete.

The Strong Test, is a psychological test (personality) used for career assessment. It compares your interests with others who are already successfully working within those careers you are considering.

Individuals are more satisfied and productive when they are working in jobs they find interesting. People as a whole, prefer to work with those whose interests are similar to theirs. Think about it; Isn’t it more comfortable working with those you have something in common with, than not?

What the Strong Test does…

  • This test was previously called Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory.
  • Dr. Strong discovered that if your interests compared to those persons in a particular occupation, (And they were happy with their career) there was a strong likelihood you would enjoy their type of occupation too
  • The STRONG career interest inventory test will measure your interest in those careers which require advanced technical school or college training.
  • If you are looking for teen quizzes definitely consider the Strong and Holland Test.

The Strong Test is given by career guidance professionals. The current version was created by Jo-Ida Hansen and David Campbell. It is still based upon the theories of psychologist John L. Holland (The Holland Codes).

Recently revised, the Strong test has 291 questions, each one asking what preference you have from three choices available,,,

So, why not ask yourself this question: what kind of person am I really? Who’s the real me? Be honest. You are who you are, and the sooner you match that to a job, the happier you’ll be.

In other words, it’s essential you know what things you like doing and don’t in a job. Start doing those things you enjoy in the job in which you are required to use your preferred abilities every single day.

Are you…

  • Conventional- Am I someone who likes structure and predictability?
  • Enterprising- Am I business minded and gregarious?
  • Investigative- Do I like scientific research?
  • Realistic- Are you interested in action more than thought?
  • Social- Do I like being around people more than being alone?

Take a five minute career interest assessment (by Career One Stop sponsored by the US Dept. of Labor) answering 30 questions and get job suggestions.

Try the free personality inventory test at CSU Fullerton, Ca. @







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