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Personality Type

Your personality type is the real you. A personality test can tell you about things you like and don’t in a job. Trust how a job makes you feel. A job mismatch will not feel right not matching the kind of person you feel you are. You might hate your job because it doesn’t fit your personality style.

Are you an Extravert?

This is the outgoing individual who likes working in large or small groups being the leader.

This is the classic hands on doer who thinks on his feet not planning what things he’s going to say or do before he speaks or acts.

Sometimes, he may regret those things he says because he usually speaks off the top of his head in every moment.

He’s an excellent communicator able to express himself clearly in front of a group. People energize him. These types of individuals often jump into the middle of things and take charge.

He thrives in the real world and doesn’t dwell upon things for very long before he takes action or makes a decision. They are people persons, sociable, energetic, and living in the now.

Your Character

Extraverts are usually well-known and well-liked individuals because they are so open, honest, and friendly. My wife is the classic Extravert preferring brighter colors like shades of yellow relying upon their five senses to make decisions. I, on the other hand have tested strong as an INFJ on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®.)

Extraverted personalities tend to focus upon the physical world of people and things, not on theories and ideas. Extraverts are likely to dress in eye catching brighter colored clothing. They are usually more assertive, aggressive, and talk louder than the Introvert. They thrive in large groups of people, love being in the public eye, and actively engage in community and political events.

They will usually spend much less time alone than the Introvert. No one is a pure Extravert or Introvert. We are all mixtures of the two in various degrees. No personality is right or wrong or better or worse than another. Personality comes in shades of color, not something black and white.

Are you an Introvert?

Introverts draw energy from inside their own inner world needing their space. They need to withdraw for a while to re-energize themselves alone, especially after being around a crowd of people.

They often prefer working alone or with small groups. Others may not understand, possibly misjudging them because they are more private individuals. While the Extravert is energized by the outside world, the Introvert is energized from within.

The Introverted person lives in a rich world inside himself. At one extreme, he almost can be entirely inward turned. He prefers working and being alone or working in smaller groups of people and having fewer friends than the extrovert. He reflects on things before he decides to act. Sometimes, he may find himself thinking too much and acting upon what needs to be done too little, too late.

He may also have to reality test his ideas or notions about people and the physical world in general from time to time to see how well they still fit. In doing so, he may have to adjust a few things with how he thinks. He may prefer ideas, thoughts, fantasy, and theory to the concrete, real, and material. He is energized by thoughts and ideas.

You probably won’t find many Introverts leading a big discussion or being a speaker in front of a large or even smaller audience. Being around groups of people may drain him so completely that he will need some time away to recover so he can be sociable again.

They may keep to themselves a lot more than the Extrovert. For example, your Author here the classic Introvert. Introverts focus on internal thoughts and ideas and may be misunderstood sometimes as being cold and aloof. I tend to relate to the world intuitively with feeling, and prefer the cooler colors like shades blue.

Your Character

As an Introverted Personality Type, you are a creature of your own mental world. For example, I enjoy writing books and creating website pages like this one.

Introverts enjoy solitary activities like reading, writing, or using computers like I do every day. They may also like doing other activities one can do alone like camping, riding a bike, motorcycle, painting, sculpting, playing a musical instrument, or researching something in a library.

An Introvert is not necessarily shy, a social outcast, or dissenter. It may be that he has the preference to being alone or in smaller groups of people. He also may not wear as eye catching clothing as the Extrovert.

There is no pure extravert or introvert personality type, so be careful not to pigeonhole yourself into a certain category of personality. We can all change and improve ourselves if we want to. We can think, act, and behave differently if we decide.

The MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) will tell you your preference for each of the four pairs below:

  • Extraversion or Introversion
  • Sensing or Intuition
  • Thinking or Feeling
  • Judging or Perceiving

* Note – Extraversion and Introversion attitudes are terms which originally came from the Psychologist Carl Jung’s research early in the twentieth century.












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