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Career Personality Test

A career personality test is an assessment tool which inventories personality traits, matching a person to the right livelihood for his temperament style.

Your career personality is often called your working personality. So, what exactly is this kind of personality as it relates to careers, anyway?

Job seekers may wonder what kind of personality they need to be an Accountant, a Nurse, a Police Officer, a Doctor, or a Lawyer, etc.

You will agree from first hand experience, that those within certain occupations appear to have particular personality traits in common with one another.

For example, those in high stress occupations like Police, tend to have cooler, take charge, aggressive personalities, in the midst of a disaster. Those in the helping professions tend to get satisfaction from assisting those in need. While others, in construction tend to like to stay busy doing mechanical things, working with their hands, and don’t mind getting dirty.

Although, aptitude, passion, ability, and interest is essential in choosing the right profession, the type of personality you have has been proven to blend in with certain occupations, better than others. The answer to blending personality inside the right careers may lie with taking tests using the ‘Holland Codes Typology’.

According to the Holland Theory, people will be the most satisfied in those particular jobs which match with their personality type…

We all want to find that particular job which is a reflection of who we are, that we love and work at every day. You’ve probably heard of a dream career. This is the job we all want; an occupation in which we have found our true calling or niche in utilizing our natural born talents and abilities.


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