Occupational Outlook Handbook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Occupational Outlook Handbook has pertinent information about virtually hundreds of different careers. Inside this career reference manual, you’ll find information about the training and education required for each job, the salary paid, the duties required for the job, the working conditions, prospects for getting into the jobs listed, and future outlook.

The book comes out every two years, and has a companion guide called the Career Guide to Industries. The book is not under copyright and is produced by additional publishers unrelated to the US Government, with additional or different features added.

There’s helpful information searching for jobs and about the prospects for the job in each particular state.

For example, it tells you where to look for jobs, how to search for them, how to apply, tips for the job interview and how to evaluate a job offer to either accept it or turn it down.

Beyond the OCH there exist numerous resources within each state to find employment within various careers. Public libraries, unemployment offices, employment offices and levels of higher education have information in their data bases or on public accessible bulletin boards.

The OCH refers to job information on a National level. And, on the State Level in California, where I live, here’s how you would contact this state:



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