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Self Assessment

Take stock in your interests and abilities. An honest self assessment can help you find a career you are interested in and passionate about. Don’t underestimate your capabilities, yet don’t get in a career you do not have the aptitude for.

It could take a little time to find your perfect job, but it will be worth the effort discovering it. Be mindful that the right job could last until retirement. Why not make the right career choice the first time around. Discover where you fit best in the job world by a self assessment test.

The best question possible one can ask himself is which career fits his personality and natural abilities, best. To be happiest in a career choice, it has to match the stronger preferred aptitudes and blend in with our personalities. 

For example, no person or test in the world can tell you if you are an Artist or not. You either know you are or are not.

An artist needs creative freedom which may require unstructured time creating a work of art and he might not be happy working in a highly structured working environment being pushed or pressured to produce and perform. 

Yet, on the other hand, someone who could adapt to a very structured environment with extremely rigorous discipline, a lot of yelling and being pushed to his physical limits would possibly enjoy being in the Military. Everyone has different values and motivations, that’s why there are so many choices in professions. 

No career self assessment test no matter what price can tell you what you want to do for a living. Only you can decide that for yourself. So, when you answer test questions, answer them as honestly as you can, and not the way you think someone else would want you to. 

We all can have a little trouble picking our best occupation, that’s why scientifically validated career and personality tests can be very helpful suggesting jobs we may not have thought about. 

Self assessments validate or remind us what we already know about ourselves. They can also point out things we have forgotten or didn’t know. We may have acquired new skills through the years and changed our interests.

A career self assessment test may ask which careers interest you or what jobs match your personality. It’s essential you know what things interest you, and those things you don’t like. You might want to consider taking the SDS (Self Directed Search) which uses the Holland Codes RIASIC model.



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