Career Planning

Career planning is another way of saying ‘I am managing my career’. Planning your career is ongoing lasting until you retire. It’s called career management. It can also mean planning for career change. It is common for many to change careers three to five times throughout their working years.

A list of potentially compatible careers can be compiled taking an online career aptitude test…

You could have held a series of jobs or even related careers to your original. It depends on the economic times and the company you worked for. Company’s come and go. They go in and out of business because of a bankruptcy, business sale, or death.

There are also unexpected and expected layoffs. You might want to check out the ten hottest careers to be sure you are not signing up to a dying industry.

You can use your career test information as a guide for your career plan. A test will inventory all your interests, skills, abilities, even personality traits, and will list those occupations that will fit your personality or make a match to your preferred working environment.

Finding your Career Direction

Once you know what your job choices are, you can begin a career search that could lead to picking the right career.

Maybe you are unsatisfied with your present position and only seek an advancement with more challenges, responsibilities, and additional pay. You can make a plan for that too, and work on making it happen…

There may be employment tests and career assessments you can take at your place of employment for your advancement. You can plan to get more education either online or at colleges or a vocational school in the form of a higher education degree or certificate to provide for any promotions and pay increases.

Make sure your Online Education and other schools are accredited

In this day and age you are not always required to leave your home and drive to school to get an education. There are many online schools available that are accredited by the proper authorities within your home state.

Do make sure the courses are relevant to what you need and are legitimately licensed and recognized educationally in the region where you live. You also must be aware of all the costs involved and how long it will take to complete your studies.

You do not want to pay all the money and complete the education and find out later that their degree is worthless or does not even apply to the career you want. There are degree mills that will issue you a degree regardless of your qualifications.

This is not only unethical but could damage your reputation and career, irreversibly. There may also be criminal and civil penalties for using a phony or worthless degree to advance your career deceptively.

Career Planning involves research and investigation making sure the education you receive is valid and applies to your situation. Do things the right way.

Have Patience, Things take time…

Anything worthwhile takes honesty, effort, time and hard work. Be willing to do all the required education for the long run. Each learning institution has standards that are set by each state for certification or graduation. There are no short cuts, and usually nothing easy comes that’s worthwhile.

The better you know yourself the easier your career planning will be. You can’t find your ideal job unless you know yourself well, in terms of knowing what you like and dislike within a particular job classification. Therefore, be sure you plan on researching the job you consider choosing and learn what the job duties are.


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