Midlife Crisis Career Change

Remember the expression ‘don’t worry, be happy?’ We might as well be, as we can’t control every outcome in life. For example, you might be right smack in the middle of a midlife crisis career change.

You have probably heard of a midlife crisis where one questions or evaluates himself, his life and where it is going. Not everyone goes through this, but for those who do, it’s different for everyone who gets stuck in it.

This feeling of frustration or sense of loss and undefined fear can go on unresolved without a solution for years. When middle age or beyond hits for some of us, we begin to question our lives.

We may question even the meaning of our existence and ask the questions, ‘why are we here and where are we going in this life’? We may also be afraid of changing direction. We may be fearful of the unknown and not want to budge wishing to keep the status quo and our security safe and secure.

You could have felt your identity was slipping away along with your confidence, while looking ahead to the future seeing no meaning and purpose, depressed and not know it, regretting something you’ve done or didn’t do wishing you could change the past.

The midlife crisis career change

Maybe, you have been in a career for many years and feel it’s time for a career change. But, you may not know which career you would fit in best. Where do you even start to look? But then, suddenly you realize you have grown old and that time had slipped from your grasp. Furthermore, many past goals may not have been attained and your current colleagues may have become more successful passing you up and you resent it.

If your crisis is mainly career based, you could feel you missed your mark in life. Maybe, you didn’t get that promotion you wanted, didn’t complete that college degree program, stayed in a job you didn’t have any passion for never making the kind of money you dreamt of when you signed on years ago.

Those who know themselves well usually are sure where they are going in life. If you are not so sure, taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument can help define what kind of work you would feel comfortable doing.

We all prefer doing certain things. There are tasks we like doing and don’t. We all prefer and thrive in our preferred working environments. We are all different, yet when we know our strengths, weaknesses and what kind of person we truly are, career change can be a welcomed opportunity and potential for personal growth.


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