Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance is the balance between ones working and personal life. Time management is the link that creates harmony between work and leisure through creating more free time.

Stress management is required for personal development and personal growth.

Stress blocks self improvement, but can be managed through stress management tools like meditation.

Balancing work and life means managing your stress effectively, and choosing between work and personal priorities.

One can work too much, even in a job he loves doing, thereby neglecting his family. Balance is key.

The right career choice brings balance in all areas of your professional and personal life.

Balance is having the time to do those things which are important to your psychological and personality make up. Stress caused by an out of balance lifestyle can be dangerous to ones health, robbing him of his work and personal happiness.

Learning to meditate is a valuable mental and emotional tool to help manage daily stress.

In this day and age, both marriage partners usually have a career to make ends meet. If there are children, this becomes another balancing act. Making it all work out on a schedule, from going to the store to picking up the kids on time, takes time out of ones working schedule.

Learning to balance everything is part of work life balance

If you work too much, you will be exhausted, and you may end up falling asleep on the couch when those in your family miss you. If you work too much, you may miss a school play that your child is in, and instead of being married to your spouse you will end up married to your job.

Learning to manage your time will create more free time through detecting and eliminating repetitive activities that are not really needed.

Do you want to save time to exercise? Or, be with your children, spouse, work on your career, focus more on your health, or a hobby? Are you an animal lover and want to spend more time with your pets?

We all have to work, so we have to devote the time necessary to manage our careers. If we have families, we need to devote time to them. For example, helping our kids with their homework.

We constantly have to make choices and priorities throughout our day. If the choices are between work and personal life some things you have to let go in favor of others or put off to another time.

It just depends on what is most important to you in the moment

If you are single, you could work all the time. No problem. Your job could be your life. But, chances are you would want to have a personal life, even then. Work can get very lonely.

Choices can be difficult to make when you have to choose between two equally important tasks or priorities.

If, through managing your time more effectively you could gain an extra one, two, or three hours a week, or even within a day, you would immediately see the value of managing your time more effectively.

If you are organized and recognize those things or activities that can be eliminated or could be put off until tomorrow or next week or dropped altogether, you have then gained added flexibility through gaining more time.

For example, I always had the opinion that if I had to drive an hour or two to my place of employment I would choose public transportation. This alone, for me, would have eliminate the stress of dealing with bumper to bumper traffic.

Taking the stress off YOU

One could make personal and business phone calls, read, sleep or whatever, instead of doing the driving himself. If one could do without a car, there would be no gasoline, no maintenance, no insurance, no car payments, no car wash, etc. This means less money spent owning a car. Therefore; you could earn less, work less, and have more free time for your personal life, simply through choosing public transportation.

If you choose a job where you did not have to drive a car or have to bring your clothes to the dry cleaners, (by wearing wash and wear clothing) this would save the trips to the cleaners, and put more money in your pocket. This means you could work less and even make less income if you had to. And working less, means extra time. You are in effect, trading money for time. You have heard the expression, ‘time is money’?

Possibly, Tweaking a few things in your life, could bring more work life balance…

Even changing the job itself could be the perfect solution for balance within your life. If the Job you presently have does not bring the work life balance you deserve, maybe there’s a career change in order for you in the very near future.


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