Friendly Personality Type

If you are the friendly personality type, you care deeply how people feel and wouldn’t want to hurt them with something you said that you didn’t think through enough before saying it.

You love to work in groups no matter how large or small. You work well with others because you have especially strongly developed verbal and people skills. You are the great communicator.

You are not necessarily the work outside type, inclined toward doing heavy physical things, or want to get dirty by working with tools or equipment.

You probably weren’t in sports at school, but may have been involved in a social or debating club, instead.

The friendly personality type may not enjoy theory, concepts, or ideas as much as the satisfaction and fulfillment which human interaction brings you. You may require greater latitude in a job to do what you feel is right in the moment without a required set of rules or guidelines you must strictly follow.

You want the flexibility to do what you think is right in the moment without having to get an opinion about the matter from a supervisor.

You are a generous and kind individual who greatly enjoys helping others. You want employment which reflects those ideals you believe in strongly and hold dear.
We won’t generally find you operating large heavy equipment, being an athlete, or working in a physically demanding job like construction.

We would more likely find you in those careers utilizing those skills where you understand others, talk, train, teach, actively speak in workshops, with groups, or assist those in need.

You love teamwork, building relationships with others, and organizing social activities, be it at work or home.

The Friendly Personality Type might like working as a…

· Helping profession person like nurse

· Counselor/Therapist

· Career Counselor

· Psychologist

· Teacher

· Librarian

· Reverend

· Dental Hygienist

· Massage therapist

· High School Counselor

· Speech therapist

· Social worker

· Physical trainer

· Human resources

· Handicap worker

· Rehabilitation, Drug and alcohol counselor

· Special education

· School administrator

· Hospital administrator

· Parks and recreation

· Nurse

· Physical therapist

· Dietician

· Nutritionist

· Retired center worker

· X-ray technician or Radiologic Technologist

· Bank teller



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