List of Careers

How do you find your perfect list of careers? That’s a good question! I wrote a book to help those find their niche or true calling in life. Along with sufficient income, one of the priorities should be in discovering that career which brings you joy.

If you are happy, everyone around you will be, too. You can always tell when someone loves their job. It just comes off like a vibration, good or bad.

We spend quite a lot of our lives working, and if we pick a job we hate, we are in very big trouble! Who wants to wake up dreading to go to work every single day? All you would think about is time off in vacations, the weekends and even taking sick days off when you weren’t even sick. But, a job you loathe will make you sick.

Stress can be caused by a job you don’t have natural ability to do. This causes some to bring harm to themselves through various bad health habits like smoking, excessive alcohol and other drugs.

It could even lead to becoming depressed. Life is too short, so it’s worth the time and effort spent in finding the ideal job that fits who you are, not the other way around.

Everyone likes working with those who share similar interests and values. People who think similarly get along better than those who don’t have much in common.

The better one knows what things he likes doing and doesn’t in a career, the easier it is to find that job which matches his abilities, interests and personality style. Various assessments provide a readable printout with a list of careers.

Pick which Personality fits you closest…

There are those who don’t need to take career tests. They are the lucky ones who have found their direction. But, taking various assessments can help the rest of us find the right career path for the kind of person we truly are.

how to discover your perfect career, steven humphreys, hate job blog
How to Discover your perfect Career: The Easy Way, by Steven Humphreys

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