Career Test

If you are having a crisis trying to pick a lifelong career, taking a career test can be very useful. You might want to consider taking one of the assessments below. Collectively, these tests can be of the greatest value to you in choosing a career that fits your interests as well as personality style.

If you are serious about finding your dream career, it is essential you know yourself well. These tests can remind you of those things you already know about you, have forgotten and don’t even realize.

Some of us don’t need to take a career test. These are the fortunate ones. They know where they want to go in life and seem to be born knowing this. They somehow fall into the right job. Others have a harder time and need to try out three to five careers to finally decide what our true calling is in life. There is a way to save needless waste of time in your life.

Career counseling in conjunction with taking the right career and personality assessments can help narrow down career choices that would likely blend in with your interests, personality, skills and abilities best. These tests may uncover those careers you didn’t even know existed that you might want to consider or reconsider.

You don’t want to overlook or disregard a job that could be suited for your temperament, values and attitudes toward life. Furthermore, jobs are much more fulfilling when you work with others who think like you and have more things in common than not.

The Myers Briggs is administered by someone certified possessing specific education requirements. The MMPI is only given with results interpreted by a trained psychologist. The Strong can be taken online and you will receive an interpreted report. The SDS (self directed search) is also online using the RIASIC model of the Holland Codes.

*Note – During your career search, make sure you make a folder and keep all the assessment printouts organized for future reference. You will want to review them from time to time. You will be glad you did.


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