Reserved Personality Type

The reserved personality type may prefer working alone or at least in some supportive capacity. In other words, you like working behind the scenes rather than being upfront in charge of others or being a foreman or supervisor.

You would also not likely be found giving a speech in front of an audience. You have an artistic side to you, while you may prefer working with your hands creatively, using tools, working with ideas or concepts, and possibly helping others who are disabled.

You are a highly sensitive individual who detects subtle things in life. Others may unintentionally say some things which could hurt your feelings; and if they do, they may end up losing you as a friend, not even knowing why.

You pay attention to the details in people and know what each person is all about. You trust in your intuition and gut feelings about people and the world in general.

You are highly keen to what motivates others and have a very sharp eye for detecting it.

Nothing goes undetected by you, and no one can pull the wool over your eyes. You recognize a user or enemy when you see them, and can easily pick up vibes others give off.

You feel people who will betray you and know those who are true friends you can trust. You like to work without Supervision.

There are a lot of jobs the socially reserved personality type could like, but only with certain conditions. One requirement is that you must either work alone or in small groups. It takes you a while to trust someone so that you feel safe opening up to them personally.

You have to know what that person is about first. They have to pass your test. You are not good at small talk. People have to earn your trust over time, because you don’t open up to just anyone easily or freely.

You are on the quiet side, but there’s quite a lot going on within you, and you have strong opinions about how you feel about almost any subject. You may be misjudged as possibly unfriendly or slightly Bohemian because you usually keep to yourself.

But, this isn’t always necessarily true. It simply takes you time to warm up to new people at large, because you don’t choose many new friends; you hand pick who you allow to get to know you very carefully.

But, once you have found what you see as true friends, these lucky individuals will likely be your friends until the end.

Jobs the Socially Reserved Personality might like…

· Microbiologist

· Scientific researcher

· Working with Animals in the Zoo or Vet’s office

· Working with Farm animals

· Animal trainer

· Training Seeing Eye Dogs

· Animal breeder

· Showing animals (Animal Handler) at Dog or Cat shows

· Park Ranger

· Writer

· Novelist

· Artist

· Selling arts and crafts you’ve made at the street fair, swap meet, or flea market

· Selling gift baskets online

· Florist

· Bus driver

· Professor at a College

· Medical transcription from home

· Typing from home

· Working with the Elderly

· Assembly line work

· Detailing and washing cars at someone’s work or home

· Gardener

· Tree trimmer

· Helping those in need

· Learning sign language to teach the hearing disabled

· Assisting the disabled

· Librarian

· File Clerk

· Person who stocks things

· Drive a fork lift

· Truck driver

· Webmaster creating websites for others

· Delivery driver

· Postal worker

· Deliver the mail

· Farmer

· Agriculturalist

· Seasonal working harvesting fruits and vegetables

· Own your own work at home franchise

· Be self employed

· Work for a company which allows you to work from home

· Daycare

· Babysitting

· Preschool

· Housekeeping

· Working with the terminally ill at a Hospice

· Mail order

· Janitorial work

· Maintenance worker in night shift

· Making income from your own website like I do

· Mobile auto mechanic

· Telemarketer

· Receptionist

· Drive a street sweeper truck

· Clean someone’s garage or yard out

· Repair cracks and chips in auto windows

· Tow truck driver

· Motorcycle mechanic

· Own your own Thrift store

· Silk screen shirts

· Tie Dye clothing

· Be a Printer

· Typesetter



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