Cooperative Personality Type

You like order in your world and want to know what’s coming around the corner next. You have a tendency to want to control others. You like having a system in your work environment whether you are working with words or numbers.

If necessary, you will go out of your way to avoid that situation which will have an unknown outcome. You don’t like taking chances at all, and you are definitely not a gambler or risk taker.

You also love tradition like the holidays, celebrations, and special events. You are a very stable and calm person who respects authority, and believe others should do so too or suffer the consequences thereof.

You are methodical in all you do, are very efficient, conscientious, and don’t let any details slip by. You don’t adjust to change very easily, and are not into exploring options in your life which haven’t already been proven to be tried and true.

You are a dependable worker and you are at your best when the project you are currently on has been well defined and well planned. You tend to be conservative in all your ways, from politics to those things you spend your hard earned money on.

You will never throw your money away on the frivolous, trendy, or foolish, most often purchasing the practical and useful instead. You are not apt to run off and do something wild, crazy, or impulsive, because you wouldn’t want the consequences of taking that kind of risk.

Remember what things you highly value in picking a career. It is wise to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and only pursue those career areas in which you must utilize your preferred strengths.

As a Cooperative Agreeable Personality Type, you could like –

· Librarian

· Building and safety inspector

· Typist

· Medical transcriber

·   Stenographer or court reporter

· Bank teller


· Legal secretary

· Federal, State, or Local government worker

· Post office

· Cashier

· File clerk

· Preschool teacher

· Receptionist

· Person who stocks merchandise in store

· Clerk

· Military

· Secretary



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