Creative Personality Type

Creativity could be most important thing you value in a job, even above money and benefits. As a creative personality type, you could like to work on your own in an unstructured environment with those like you, who share your unique values and ideals.

You are an original, and they threw away the mold when they made you. You may prefer to work in smaller, but more intimate groups of people, and you are not afraid of change when it comes your way.

You are willing to take chances and don’t particularly care for routine or require a well-defined job. You want to be free to try something new and show up at work the way you want to dress. You like to live and dwell in and upon the world of ideas, concepts, and theories.

Remember what things you highly value in picking a career. It is wise to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and only pursue those career areas in which you must utilize your preferred strengths.

You might have a passionate interest in these…

• Career Counselor

• Life Guidance Counselor

• Therapist or Psychologist

• Painter

• Artist

• Writers and Authors

• Screenwriter

• Medium

• Musician

• Psychic

• Spiritualist

• Mystic

• Palm reader

• Astrologist

• Poet

• Actor

• Advertising Director

• Film Producer

• Graphic Design

• Museum or Art Curator

• Photographer

• Music Teacher

• Stage Director

• Choreographer

• Dance Instructor

• Drama Teacher

• English Teacher

• Editor

• Fashion Designer

• Interior Designer

• Social Advocate

• Dancer

• Philosopher

• Professor at a College

• Philanthropist

• Personal trainer

• Minister

• Nutritionist



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