Independent Personality Type

The independent personality type believes in feeling good and living in peace, yet may want to be armed and ready to travel at a moment’s notice with your backpack and sleeping bag with a few essentials just in case society falls to pieces.

You might feel there may be some kind of a shortage of oil, food, or the financial system is going to collapse sometime in the near future, so you want to be prepared for the worst through already living an alternative lifestyle which will not be affected.

The independent minded individualist may be someone who wants to do his part to protect the environment, eat organic foods, seeking Greener ways to use the planet’s energy resources.

You could also be inclined to drive an electric car, walk, ride a bicycle, use public transportation, hike with a backpack, use solar electric panels on your home, burn wood in a pot belly stove to keep warm, raise your own chickens for eggs and meat, grow your own fruits and veggies, chop and split your own wood, make your own beer or wine, and stockpile your own canned goods and food for an emergency.

You may be inclined to live in a rural location, buy a house with acreage, or own your own small farm. You may distrust the general public, yet you could be very sociable and trusting with like-minded individuals.

Money and material things or the latest fashion may not mean that much to you or be very important, and at one extreme, you could be happy buying what you need from yard sales or even at a local thrift store.

You like fixing things yourself to save money and strive to be self-sufficient in all ways.

You are the unconventional and could like jobs like these…

· Making Arts and Crafts and selling them at a local Flea Market or Swap Meet

· Being Self Employed

· Owning your own work from home Franchise

· Making money from yard sales

· Owning your own Thrift store

· Working Seasonal Jobs like farming and harvesting crops

· Delivering things

· Selling your own fruits and veggies at your local street fair

· Detailing cars

· Washing windows

· Cleaning someone’s house

· Being a Handyman

· Cleaning carpets

· Having a portable car wash to go to people’s place of employment or homes to wash their cars

· Gardener

· Trimming Trees

· Haul people’s old belongings away

· Auto repair

· Freelance typing

· An employer who allows you to work from home job

· Babysitting

· Preparing meals for the elderly or disabled

· Being a Webmaster creating websites for people

· Start your own Website like you see here and sell something online

· Write a book about a subject which interests you

· Medical Transcription

· Learn how to do Storage Auctions

· Environmentalist

· Consumer advocate



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