Leader Personality Type

The leader personality type likes being around people, you express yourself well, you love taking charge, you have an open mind to possibilities, you are responsible, generous, very loyal to your employer, love excitement, and are down to earth.

You are an action oriented hands on individual who operates in the present moment instead of in the realm of ideas, concepts, and theories. Being a foreman or someone’s boss could satisfy you the most.

Are you looking for status, respect, authority, and power, in a job? Are you someone outgoing, who likes to walk in and take charge of the situation? Are you independent minded, and don’t need anyone to tell you what to do?

Can you work on your own independently without anyone directing or telling you what to do as well as working within any size group as its appointed leader?

The natural born leader personality can be very persuasive when he wants his way or desires selling someone on an idea or product he truly believes in.

You are likely to be the top salesman of the entire organization and can talk almost anyone into anything because of your strong verbal powers of persuasion.

You are an accomplished communicator.

You know that if one believes in himself he can sell hot coffee to someone in the desert on a hot day. You don’t take no for an answer, and don’t let it get you down. You persevere until you achieve what it is you desire.

The Natural Born Leader Personality might like being in the following…

· Upper management

· Office manager

· Retail store manager

· Self-employed

· Sales rep

· Insurance agent

· Stock broker

· Lawyers

· Financial planner

· Hotel Manager

· Insurance adjuster

· College professor

· Auctioneer

· Public relations

· Politics

· Union organizer

· Reporter

· Journalist

· Newscaster

· Weatherman

· Restaurant manager

· Car salesman

· Construction superintendent

· Fire chief

· Police Captain

· Doctor (Physicians and Surgeons)



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