Thinker Personality Type

You are drawn to fields of working which may require research because of your highly analytical mind. You enjoy working alone where you can devote yourself totally to the task at hand without any distractions or interruptions.

You don’t particularly need or require much social interaction on the job and also may not be particularly outgoing or engaging, preferring to think everything through long before you make a decision to act upon it.

Sometimes, you find yourself thinking too much instead of already taking action upon something that needed your immediate attention.

This can sometimes get you in trouble at work because of this, because it may look like procrastination or putting things off.

You are motivated or driven to understand the world around you and how it works in detail. You want to know how everything ticks, even so far as how the entire universe is put together.

The Investigative Thinker Personality is his own Leader

You don’t need to have clearly defined work or a predictable routing.
This is because you like delving into the unknown to find an answer or solution to a problem.

You prefer to be your own leader rather than leading others.
You believe in yourself and are extremely confident when it comes to your ability to think things through.

You are unconventional in your approach to discovering a solution to a highly complex problem.
You may have been called a Nerd or Geek in school, but as we all have learned, your type of personality is the one that rules the world!

We will find you carrying a calculator, buying a microscope, telescope, computers, and other highly technical gadgetry, even possibly reading Scientific Journals in your off work time or as a hobby.

The Investigative Thinker Personality might like making a living in some of these fields…

· Scientist

· Biochemist

· Marketing Analyst

· Computer Engineer

· Mathematician

· Computer Programmer

· Anthropologist

· Archeologist

· Chemical Engineer

· Electrical engineer

· Geographer

· Medical Lab Tech

· Webmaster

· Economist

· Software engineer

· Psychiatrist

· Medical Doctor

· Biologist

· Dentist

· Scientific researcher

· Geologist

· Meteorologist

· Professor at College

· Statistician

· Physicist

· College Professor

· Surgeon

· Finance



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