Job Skills

Not sure what your job skills are? For example, if you are new in the workplace you may have more transferable skills than you might think even though you may not have been in a job, yet. You could have been a babysitter with skills you would use as a Nanny or Waitress.

Now, if you have been in a career for over twenty years, you might not know which other jobs your experience applies to. You might want to start over from scratch learning a new profession because you are bored with your current employment and be eager for a complete career change. Maybe, it’s time to move on to greener pastures?

I found a interest assessment you can use to help you decide which careers you might like…

Career One Stop is sponsored by the US Dept. of Labor. There are many free services our government provides. USA.Gov is another valuable resource to tap into. You just have to know where to look!

For example (if you are job hunting) you could visit USA.Gov to check out requirements for the job you are seeking. You could also check out Career One Stop and take their online interest assessment for job ideas you might like. It’s thirty questions and takes about five minutes.

We all need skills and abilities in order to perform well at any type of job. And, if we don’t know anything about the particular job in question, we have to acquire those job skills in some way. For example, if you wanted to be a Plumber, you would need on the job training, go to a trade school or join the plumber’s union.

There are also certification or technical programs that take about six months to a year to complete at junior colleges that award a certificate…

You might want to search for scholarships, fellowships, grants, and other financial aid award opportunities or find out about how to get a license in something you want to start your own business in and save money (renting an office) on brick and mortar  working from home



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