Emotional Intelligence Test

An Emotional Intelligence Test called The Color Test® was devised by Dr. Max Luscher in the early 1900’s. This personality quiz is a psychological test. Dr. Luscher was a Swiss psychologist and color consultant for many large businesses.

Many consider this test to be an emotional assessment test because it measures emotions through color. This test can be taken in conjunction with any other career personality test.

Dr. Luscher was able to demonstrate how various colors affect our actions and behavior. It is supposed to measure our performance and ability to withstand stress. This is supposed to be a fun test to take.

    • The emotional assessment test is based on color psychology through years of research by color psychologists
    • Physicians studied responses of test subjects around the world to determine how certain colors made them feel
    • They discovered that people in general prefer certain colors to others
    • Through this, how one is feeling emotionally often can be predicted accurately
    • The colors you prefer can reveal things about your emotions and personality

This test consists of eight differently colored cards, which are numbered on the reverse side. There are testing factors hidden within these cards, which produce measurable results. One possible drawback, is that your mood (at the time of testing) can affect the test results.

It is good advice to be rested, in good spirits and feeling well before taking this or any other test. This personality quiz is used around the world by psychologists, governments and colleges. Since the 1950’s this particular test has been administered to hundreds of thousands of people.

There are very few experts of Luscher’s work who reside here in the United States. It is advised you take multiple career assessment tests and not simply rely on a single test to base your final career decision upon.



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