Scholastic Aptitude Test: Your ‘make or break’ for college entrance

Most students take the scholastic aptitude test at least once in their lifetime, but is most often taken in High School. Many, do not wish to repeat that same test taking experience, ever again.

It is a long, tedious, and exhaustive (thorough) test. But, there are shortcuts to taking the SAT.

One strategy is to know how to pace yourself, (being that the current SAT is almost a four hour test) and another tip is to not spend too much time on any single test question. Pass a perplexing or difficult question by, come back to it later; and if you have to, give it your best guess instead of leaving it blank.

It is fatiguing for anyone to sit in one position for hours on end, while taking comprehensive aptitude tests such as the scholastic aptitude test. Scores matter on the test, because you may be counting on a higher score, to receive a scholarship award. Schools rely on the college entrance test scores for their hard decision making: This means that your scholastic destiny may hang in the balance of your testing scores.

SAT scores are actually that important. If your score happens to be too low by a few points, you may have just forfeited your college scholarship, any financial help, or even college admittance. This is sad, sometimes tragic, but always true. Things are not fair sometimes, when it comes to trying to get scholarships, finance, or pay for a college education. But, there exists a go around strategy.

Getting up to Speed

Not everyone is qualified, nor academically gifted to attend his university of choice, immediately after high school. Not everyone can, nor has the ability, or even wants to go to college. College is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Thankfully, there is vocational testing, career tests, and career testing for careers that may not demand much, if any college, but may require a certificate or non-credit program that takes anywhere from six months to two years to earn.

I know I wasn’t ready to attend college immediately after high school. I tried it for a semester, but didn’t get good grades. I lacked maturity, and because I chose work experience in high school, I only took the minimum classes I needed to graduate. In other words, I didn’t have the solid core course background therefore was ill prepared to do well in college level classes.

My scholastic aptitude test scores were not as high as they should have been, either. I, at that time in my life didn’t recognize how essential and important a college education was. I had to enlist in the military first, then after that was over, I seemed to have acquired a new maturity and recognized the urgent necessity for a higher education, and decided to attend a local community college close to home. I used my GI benefits to pay for part of the college tuition.

In addition, going to a two year community college saved money compared to attending a four year college. This is where I completed my associate degree and additional four year university state required transferable credits.

College entrance exams like the ACT and the scholastic aptitude test (SAT) are more rigorous nowadays than the versions I took in my youth. A community college is the way to go for those who need time to get up to speed academically, who can’t gain admittance into a four year university because of SAT scores.

If you are lagging behind educationally, this is the precise place to sharpen up through time in preparation for transferring eventually to a four year university. There is also the option of part time attendance as a full time working adult through evening classes or even online study through use of your own home PC.

To conclude, the SAT is a way to measure your scholastic aptitude. It gauges your academic potential for further advanced studies. If you are not the type of person who is college bound, the SAT test will help to verify that fact.


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