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What are the best work from home jobs?

Many may not know exactly what they could do working from home to make money. But, what are work from home jobs? There are many ideas for self employment and working from home, but you have to be aware of the scams.

It used to be that those scamming the public placed their ads in the paper or magazines. Now it is on the internet, radio and TV ads everywhere you look. You have to be careful, because there are online jobs that only make the promoter money.

Some are disguised as multiple level marketing pyramid schemes. You have probably heard or seen at least one of these Gurus talk on TV. You know the expression; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t fall for the so called ‘get rich quick’ idea. It doesn’t exist in the real world. Like anything worthwhile, you get out of it what you put into it.

Many people wish to work from their own homes, so they don’t have to drive in bumper to bumper traffic. You could be a mom raising a small child. You can find a legitimate work from home job.

These jobs do exist. But, you have to be careful and know where to look to find the legitimate business. You might want to contact a temp agency for part time work like typing or medical transcription. Then, after a probationary period, you could be hired on full time. The list of possibilities is almost endless.

You may have a retirement plan and be retired on social security and still be looking for something you can do from home to make extra income. Did you know that most people only retire on social security income? It’s never enough. Costs and prices of utilities and insurance keep going up.

Work at home jobs should never require an upfront fee.  If they do, run! If the business is legit, they will never charge upfront money for a work at home job. Keep in mind that if the salary they say you will receive is very high and the job seems too good to be true, it probably is, and you should do some research into their background. You can check with these reliable sources below…


  • Federal Trade Commission for Work from Home Scams
  • Better Business Bureau Work from Home Scams Alert
  • And also go to the to Get a few occupations that could be turned into Work at Home Careers
  • Check with your local community college (two year junior college) for certificate programs that may only take a few months to a year to complete
  • Check with local, state and federal agencies for financial help with your education
  • You might want to start a franchise. This is where you buy a turnkey business and they train you and protect your territory. Choose one where they allow you to shop around for items you’d use in your business and not have to buy only from them. Well known franchises may cost too much. Look for the less known you would like doing. For example, carpet cleaning, tool sales or janitorial, etc.
  • You could start your own online informational website business selling books or add a shopping cart selling health products or other things. But, be aware it takes time to build any business online through building your website traffic and reputation. There is also a learning curve
  • You can open an eBay® store business selling online
  • Investigate storage unit auctions and sell at the swap meet or online. These are good for moms, students and retirees

Don’t quit your day job in hopes a work from home business will work out. Do your research before you take that leap of faith to find an honest business to get into. Test it out first in your spare time. Talk to others already in that line of work. It’s best to get a first hand opinion from those already in that field.

Be careful that the activity is lawful, as you will probably be the one who will be in big trouble if it isn’t. Don’t get ripped off! You know what they say, ‘buyer beware’! If you have any doubts, contact the Federal Trade Commission or the Better Business Bureau for more information about fraudulent work from home business schemes. A little research on your own will pay off in big dividends.


  • Don’t give your social security number out. Protect your personal information!
  • Be wary if they do not describe job and duties you will perform
  • Don’t transfer funds, receive deposits from them or receive items from places located outside of the US
  • Also, don’t give any of your passwords or account numbers out

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